Friday, January 29, 2010

exit, sell-by, sophistry

Posted by PicasaThis chimney, above the fish and chip shop, conducts frying smell high into the air away from neighbours. Still on foggy days the smells hang over the village sharpening the appetites of aficionados.
In the Oxfam bookshop, talk is of use-by dates on food in supermarkets. "I don't take any notice", says one lady. "It's just common sense. You can smell food when it's bad. I had some sausages the other day, five days past their date. I just sniffed them and cooked them thoroughly".
In Hall's bookshop a few doors away in Chapel Place, talk is of sophistry. What exactly does the word mean? Dictionaries are hauled down from shelves; quotations are searched for; original and later meanings are discussed. Then there's "sophisticated". Is it derogatory to call someone or something sophisticated? Would a certain sort of person like to be called sophisticated and dislike being called unsophisticated? And another sort of person, vice versa?

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