Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Posted by PicasaThe mermaid lay back on the rocks to sun herself. Her  green hair trailed behind her spread out on the sand.  All of a sudden, in the corner of her eye, she caught sight of a young man with a camera. With a cry, she glided back into the water and swam  down and away  beneath the waves with long, graceful strokes. The young man hurried to his computer to upload the photograph.  But all that appeared on the screen were her bright, green tresses. As he looked at them,  he tried  again to see in his mind the glittering tail and silver breasts, which he had glimpsed just for a second, before she vanished into the water, and he swore that he could hear her singing: "Beware, beware the mermaid's snare,  let no snapper come near me, down in  the dark, the clever sea".

"You don't listen to the Archers,"" says, with evident disapproval, Marianna, a Danish woman who has lived in England since she was 19. When she married her English Husband,he advised her to listen to the Archers in order to understand the English. "I tried," she says, "and I couldn't bear it. "So I have had to understand the English without their help."

What good or beautiful thing  can come from dropping your compact camera, case and all, into the loo? Not much except a new camera, with a better zoom and a Leica lense. Not all beautiful things are as as expensive as this piece of carelessness. But the flag must be kept flying.


marja-leena said...

So, a happy accident and a new and better camera!

I enjoyed the mermaid story, and the green hair - is that seaweed?

Archers - are they an English band or comedy group or something like that?

CC said...

Just curious (and we know what that did to
the cat....) what were you doing with the camera in the loo? Maybe I don't REALLY
want to know, after all. ;-)

Its been a long day.......

Lucas said...

The mermaid wth green hair is a modern take on the Lorelei... punk rocker mermaid perhaps. We like the story.
Joyce and Ken

Roderick Robinson said...

The slippery-slidiness of mermaids is sold as erotic but anyone cursed with the tiniest bit of imagination is compelled - after an initial glance - to imagine a very unsatisfactory union. Even when the top half is played by Glynis Johns.

I note your continuing fascination with The Archers which certainly dates back to Stamford Street to my knowledge. I always wondered whether it would emerge as accent slippage or a tendency towards bucolic wisdom. Had it done so I would have inflicted my secret vice on you - a dreadful passion for Emergency Ward 10.

Unknown said...

M-L The Archers is a soap opera which has been broadcast by the BBC for the last 50 years at least. It is about farming people. Some might think of it as a comedy group, but others, myself included, take it quite seriously.

CC I was wearing a garment called a gilet. The camera was in the pocket. As I lent over the bowl of the loo it fell in. You have to know that, in order to feed this blog, a camera almost permanently in my pocket is essential.

Lucas What is surprising about this mermaid is her green hair. The Laureli, as you will remember was combing her yellow hair.

BB Women of a certain shape in long and sinuous evening dresses from which little feet emerge like two parts of a tail fin, are intentionally, I often feel, so adorned to remind us of mermaids.

The Crow said...

Maybe mermaids have slippery skin, like catfish, instead of scales, which would facilitate...a lot of things, actually.