Wednesday, May 16, 2012

arms twins parsley

Arms in a shop window waiting to be fitted to a mannequin.

Marching side by side down the main drag in The Grove are two mums pushing two pairs of twins each pair in its own double push chair.

Parsley is slow to germinate. Gone are the days when I used to sow the seed directly into the ground. Seed trays in the green house are the answer. Setting out the seedlings is so much easier than pricking them out and sorting them from the weeds which inevitably intrude. Only problem is  that slow germination has resulted in the myth that the seeds go down to the Devil seven times before germinating. This was used as an argument never to transplant parsley. No devilish interference last year when I succeeded for the first time in successfully growing a parsley pot which flourished like a young forest. I inserted the seedlings  in the holes in the side  of the earthenware pot and filled the pot with layers of compost. The result was a plentiful supply of the herb even into last winter. The Devil permitting I'll do it again this year.

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