Thursday, May 03, 2012

sun defintion mist

Solitary dandelion sketched by the sun as a likeness of the sun.

Our television doesn't have high definition. How high  ideally should definition be? This afternoon looking at a screen through the window of a TV store, I see an oyster wobbling at one end of a snooker cue. It is a player's  focused eye  horrifyingly  in close-up. It makes me glad that at home we still do not have HD, and it makes me ask the question again: How close do you want to  be to something  so well defined that is practically the real  thing? I do not want, if I can help it, to be a few inches away from a snooker player's eye.
Pursuing recent comments on the difference between rain and showers I am drawn to  another term during this damp spring - drizzle. Even finer than drizzle is mist. Today as I walk though the town there is something between drizzle and mist. It is pleasant enough and leaves the skin soft.

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Lucy said...


Some TV and film faces were/are very worried about HD as it really doesn't flatter many people. It seems there was a website called HD Honeys, which showed very unfortunate pictures of people not at their best in it. I've never checked it out, I heard that on the radio, which is, I suppose, the antithesis of HD.