Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ben fragments opening

Time through the wheel.

Fragments is the current theme for the cyber arts magazine, qarrtsiluni.   Unfinished images, half concluded thoughts, rough-hewn and unpolished are what's wanted. As advised I repair to the pile of notebooks at the side of my desk. Assailed by illegible and illiterate scribbles, I start to wonder. How deep to scratch?

Two days of hot weather after weeks of rain and cold. Flowers and leaves open up like school children let out of class.  You hear the din as the plants unfold.

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Roderick Robinson said...

And the da Ponte family opened (use: épanouir) in the same way. The wrapper was taken off the fold-up garden table, we uncorked a bottle of Languedoc white (that was neither - thank god - chardonnay nor sauvignon blanc), and we sat looking at the garden, compiling a list of tasks to pass on to the gardener. True relaxation