Tuesday, May 01, 2012

help oak showers

In Waterloo station.
Though some may disagree and perhaps feel insulted, it is hard not to see ourselves in monkeys and to see the human tragedy in their tragedy.

The big oak in the corner of The Grove is in bud. The buds, young leaves and catkins are yellow. Soon the leaves will darken to a brownish green. It might be a different tree.

Weather forecasters tend to speak of rain and showers as though they are different phenomena. But they are not. When  it showers it is showering rain. The last few days I suppose the distinction has been made by the weather itself. Steady, persistent rain from a solid grey sky lasting for hours, on the one hand. On the other mounting clouds in a blue sky. Down comes the rain. Then it stops and the sun comes out. Everything steams. That's a shower, my sort of shower. In the last few days we have had rain and showers. Good growing weather.


CC said...

Orangutans are apes, not monkeys. Wonderful creatures, who sadly are threatened by humans every way imaginable.

Roderick Robinson said...

Yesterday evening we had a ninety-second discussion (under normal circumstances I'm philosophically disinclined to discuss the weather) about the difference between "heavy" and "sharp" showers. I think we got it straightened out but the distinction is virtually Talmudic.