Saturday, June 16, 2012

ceonothus thought compulsive

This plant photographed near here a few days ago grows wild in California and in similar climates. In an English garden, though of a lovely colour, it often strikes an alien note, among pastel shades. We had one in our small front garden a few years back.  It grew into a tree, which took up a lot of space, and  then blew over in a storm. We missed it for a while but not any longer. When it is not in flower it stops being much of an adornment and the space can be more interestingly used.

In the train I realise that I have nothing to read. Instead I decide to think. Not an easy pass time.
I don't believe that I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. But sometimes I  am nearly there. Before I go out I have to check for the following things on or about my person: Camera, notebook, pen, pencil, reading glasses, spare notebook with tear out sheets.  These are essential, and if I forget them I have to go back.  Other items - such a knife if I am going  to the garden, a handkerchief,  my wallet containing money, plastic cards and the like, and loose change - I can often do without. And I  think of myself as free.


marja-leena said...

I have three ceonothus in a row, of a slightly deeper blue. I loved them more when they were smaller but I'm getting a bit alarmed how big they are becoming, and am told that only mild pruning is recommended. Sigh, everything grows too much in our rain forest!

Ellena said...

For many years (60) I suffered from heavy OCD. Check for cigarettes in pocket, Rucksack, purse or briefcase and always being surprised to see them and wondering how they got there.