Thursday, June 21, 2012

rare groom dentist

Chihuahua perhaps.

Moss Bros (now known as Moss) are promoting marriage or at least the hire of wedding attire in their store near Tunbridge Wells Station. "Groom goes free, when you hire or buy" proclaims a notice in the window. Free perhaps but he won't be for long.

On my way to the dentist I am waiting for the bus to Sevenoaks. The dentist who has managed by gnashers for 30 years is in that town about 12 miles from Tunbridge Wells. Along comes a couple who live nearby. "We're going to catch the bus to Sevenoaks," they say. "We're going to the dentist. It turns out to be a different dentist. But from this coincidence one might easily infer, wrongly as it turns out, that there are no dentists in Tunbridge Wells. There is still an odd element of synchronicity hanging over this encounter in my mind.

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