Monday, June 25, 2012

doodle basket hoeing

One of the first of a the series of doodles which I began recently and which I am still engaged with.

In The High Street, a small  baby in a very modern basket all buckles and blankets. The mother places it tidily in the back of a five door VW and then, following a practised procedure, arranges a larger child in the  car and collapses the push chair in which it was sitting and adds that to the payload. It is all done with great precision, one might almost say craftsmanship.

A little sun after the rain and the weeds shoot up. Fortunately I have been busy with the hoe despite the bad weather and very few weeds persist. It is a bearable chore to eliminate those which I do with swift movents of the hoe. Nothing more satisfying thanthe rows of onions which Lucy sent from Brittany in the Spring, and which are now  hoed and swelling elegantly under their green plumes.


CC said...

Love, love, love your "doodle".

Lucy said...

I love the doodle too, it looks quite Victor Hugo-ish.

The onions really are looking rather fine this end too, some of them are doing that beautiful braided thing onions do. I'll take a picture or two! We could be like old chaps at a produce show engaging in onion rivalry...