Sunday, June 10, 2012

visitor tennis commentators peppers

The cistus outside our front door attracts bees in reassuring numbers every year.

The French Open Tennis at Roland Garros is not in my opinion as good as Wimbledon . The clay courts do not produce the speed and drama of grass. While watching the tournament on TV I have been trying to imagine a device which would allow me to hear the sound of the racket striking the ball, the server bouncing the ball in front of him before serving, the applause of the crowd, even the grunts of the players, but which cuts out  the constant stream of chatter from the official commentators. (And why two commentators? One supplying the minimum of factual information required would be enough.)  The tension during a tennis match between points is a great part of the excitement of the game. It is a tension made the more poignant by the expectant silence of spectators. It is a silence which as a TV viewer I want to share.  I write imaginary letters to the newspapers asking them to imagine watching a tennis match at the court-side while two people sitting next to you talking to each other relentlessly between every rally. It makes me feel better but it doesn't solve the problem.  If the last few years are anything to go by  TV viewers we will be forced to suffer surplus jawing at Wimbledon in a few weeks time.
In the soaked earth I plant  out a row of pepper plants produced from seed. I have never grown them out of doors before. It seems madly optimistic in the coldest and wettest of June days to attempt it this year.

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