Wednesday, June 06, 2012

cow empty bunting


In the super market, an old man, collects two or three items from the shelves and puts them straight into a plastic bag, instead of  one of the baskets provided. At the check-out he places his purchases on the conveyor and  shows the check-out girl that his bag is empty, before, as she registers them on her cash machine, he replaces them in the bag.

Where yesterday's jubilee party was held the bunting is still up criss-crossing the street. It chatters in the wind. A bleak sound like rain falling on a roof  top.


CC said...

Lovely gentle brown cow eating grass. Peace.

Ellena said...

Ha, I'm an old woman and shop like your old man and now realize that I'm not as unique as I thought I am.

Unknown said...

CC And here are some more cows peacefully grazing.

Ellena Do you show your empty bag to the check-out to demonstrate that you have nicked nothing? It is the sort of thing that I do.

Ellena said...

Of course I do, Plutarch. I empty it for the cashier to process each item and hand the empty bag to the young man who bags.