Friday, May 02, 2008

bay, washing-up, technology

Waiting for a caserole. These are leaves from the the ailing bay which I brought to this house 20 years ago in a small flower pot. The tree is now 30 ft tall and, this year, the site of a blackbird's nest.

While watching the Ingmar Bergman film, the Passions of Anna on DVD, Heidi draws my attention to a scene where a man stands at a kitchen sink to attend to the washing up. "Men," she says, "invariably put dirty dishes, pans, glasses, cutlery, the lot in the sink together, to get them out of the way. While women approach the task more systematically, sorting and grading, before applying brush, cloth and sponge. I have a feeling that she is right.

In his new blog my friend Barrett Bonden refers to the "hideous beauty" of guns. He wouldn't have one in the house, he says, but admires their engineering, technical achievement and functional design. I share his admiration and his horror.


tristan said...

there is probably the possibility of a thesis, probably already written long ago, probably over and over, about the fetishization of the gun in the cinema ... i seem to remember a godard film in the sixties with a long close-up shot of the barrel of a revolver ... etc etc ... i would suggest there might be an unsurprising connection between the display of film posters in recent years showing smart men with big guns, and the posturing associated with gun crime in south london amongst the not so smart

Roderick Robinson said...

Alas, my attempt to create a moral gap between gun technology and gun usage was not subtle enough for the Blogger censor and my blog now carries a sort of health warning to the effect that certain people may find the contents offensive. I am reconstructing to rid myself of this taint.

Unknown said...

The irony is that it is probably technology in the form of some sort of electronic filter which has acted as censor, as distinct from a rational human brain. Will Barrett pronounce?

Roderick Robinson said...

My blog explores the incidental pleasures of technology. It would be difficult to make such a case for this unsubtle filtering device. Especially since, after a painful reconstruction, the stigma has reattached itself to the new blog
Clearly I am the sinner and am tarnished for life