Tuesday, May 06, 2008

blue eyes, snack, floating

"'Twas from Kathleen's eyes he flew,
Eyes of most unholy blue!"Posted by Picasa
Evey now and then I come across a French word which appeals to me because of the image which it contains, which is unlike the equivalent in English or has no equivalent in English. A few months ago, I came upon the French word poireauter, derived from poireau, the French word for leek. It means to hang around waiting for someone or something when there is something better to do elsewhere. Now I have found the verb saucissoner, derived from saucisse, sausage, which means to picnic or to snack, or as Petit Larouse puts it, prendre un repas froid sur le pouce.
Over the vegetable garden, armadas of fluffy seeds float in the wind; petals of apple blossom fall; and the upper boughs of trees wave lazily at nothing in particular.

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