Thursday, May 08, 2008

bud, Bonden, nuts

Wisteria bud and wisteria shadows.

It gives me pleasure to see that my friend Barrett Bonden has refused to be defeated by the cyber censor who labeled his new blog as possibly objectionable. He did withdraw a post about the beautiful, intrinsic design of a gun, while expressing distaste for the purpose to which guns are put. And he has launched a new blog- but the health warning from Blogger has persisted despite his remaining posts being confined to mathematical equations, poetry, Ohm's law and other aspects of science and technology, which could not, by the remotest association, hurt anyone except the densely stupid.

In the small patch of lawn beside our house a small hole has appeared, and, by the hole, a couple of hazel nut shells. Although the setting of our house is largely urban - a street of 18th and 19th century houses - come to think of it, I have noticed a squirrel in our garden recently. It's good to think that we have unknowingly provided a larder for the creature.
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Anonymous said...

Strange goings-on with Blogger's censorship!? Interesting blog too. And what a gorgeous photo.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad that Bonden blog is appreciated. The censcorship is incomprehensible to my way of thinking. Meanwhile the wisteria just now is at its very best, the perfume a little overwhelming.

Lucy said...

How strange! I shall go and give him a blog-warming.