Friday, May 23, 2008

campanula, long grass, poppies

Campanula lusitanica takes over part of our garden every year. It sprouts in cracks and fissures in walls and paths.

The mowers in the Grove have left islands of long grass where daffodils flowered and where buttercups, daisies and dandelions now persist.

There is one common word for poppy in English. The French distinguish between pavot, garden poppy, ponceau, corn poppy, and, lovely word, coquelicot, wild poppy.
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Lucy said...

#Gentil cocquelicot...#

When we first came here, and before I repointed the front wall of the house, that campanula grew all over it; we actually found one root emerging inside, through a half-meter thickness of stone wall.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Lucy. I love that phrase "gentil cocquelicot". I did not know it. Where does it come from?

Lucy said...

It was a little song I remember from school in fact, I don't remember hearing anything of it here. I shall do some research, if I remember, I'll ask my students. Your original spelling was right, coquelicot.