Friday, May 16, 2008

street art, cup of tea, grass

Someone has painted or stencilled this cat on the bottom of a wall behind an enclosed car park. I have passed it many times, but not until I photographed it today, did I realize how much I liked it. It is rather smaller than life size, and easily missed if you are not looking our for it.

In the Farringdon Road in London near where I used to work, is what used to be a working man's cafe. It made no pretensions to be otherwise, when I used to use it. Though it has now become a modest but successful restaurant, its provenance is not lost. The current owners have retained the frosted glass windows on either side of the door. On one is etched the words: "London's Noted Cup of Tea", and on the other: "Progressive Working Class Caterer".

This morning, they are cutting the grass in the Grove. It is drizzling and the grass has a succulent, green smell in the damp air.
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Lucas said...

A cat worth visiting, when double clicked on fills the screen.

Fire Bird said...

I love that cat - wonder who put it there

Lucy said...

(Hey, Lucas has a picture!)

I am rather taken by the idea of a progressive working class caterer...