Tuesday, May 27, 2008

branches, pushing, cds

To look up into the branches of a tree is to see a different tree.

Posted by PicasaTwo young men chat briskly as they, vigorously, manage push chairs containing small babies. Behind them, at leisure, stroll their wives.

The CDs, which I have hung above the green, pointed cauliflowers known as romanesco, have kept the pigeons away so far this year. Pigeons, given the chance, will nibble the big, green leaves to extinction. The CDs flash in the sun and throw disturbing lights across the garden. At first I fear that I have scared off the other birds, largely robins and blackbirds, which visit when I am digging or hoeing. And indeed I am beginning to notice that they are less in evidence than usual. Today I'm pleased to see a female blackbird foraging directly beneath the CDs. They must have grown accustomed to them. But a voice tells me that if they can get used them, so can the pigeons.

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From Meri:
We hang CD's in the cherry tree to scare off the birds so we have more cherries to ourselves...