Saturday, July 16, 2011

buddleia, morris dancers, weeds

Posted by Picasa Buddleia, cloud and telephone wires.

As we climb Mount Sion in the rain we hear a clanging and a tinkling. It is a group of morris dancers coming down strung out on the pavement, presumably on their way to perform outside a pub in The Pantiles. I turn to inspect their nayy blue cloaks and the bells attached to their gaiters. The weather and the forecast bodes ill for them.

I find a pretty book in Hall's Bookshop published in 1906. It is called Simply Weeds. Its author, R Lloyd Praeger. It begins with the sentence, "When there were no men there were no weeds."

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Lucas said...

Joyce and I discovered a weed which we could not identify. We will send you a photo of it.
The wall painting photograph in previous post is good even though the artist didn't know.