Monday, July 18, 2011

jetsam, broad beans, cleaning

Posted by PicasaBeside The Thames.

This year's broad beans took ages to set, but now that they have I realise that they have been conspicuously successful. I planted the seedlings in an unusually richly composted bed which may account for their strength and height. The are now nearly six foot, twice as high as usual. I have not, as in previous years, cut off the top growing-points to deter black fly which are supposed to be drawn to the tender leaves, and  still there are no black fly.  I have staked the outside of  the four long rows and held them upright with garden string, which make the sturdy plants look a little like strange animals eager to escape from a pen. And there  are  plump and promising pods protruding in all directions.

As it has rained most of the day I have with the help of Windows Clean Up been purging my computer's hard disk of surplus programs. It is a bit like sorting out the contents of old drawers and tidying up  shelves. I lean back in my chair with  a sigh of accomplishment.


CC said...

My IMac needs a clean out. Now I feel so
guilty..... but I'll get over it.

Roderick Robinson said...

On a rainy day a hundred years ago a little bit of embroidery might have been on the cards (though not by men; which raises the question what did men do then?). Windows Clean-up seems an appropriate and harmless substitute. I bought WCU but never used it. Install/Remove Software, to be found in Windows Control Panel, seemed to do the job except with very old programmes.

Lucy said...

I like a nice defrag myself.

I think perhaps men sharpened pencils or discussed and swapped natural history specimens like Farebrother and Lydgate do in Middlemarch.