Friday, July 22, 2011

copying, irritated, lovely

Posted by PicasaI look down from the bridge between the embankment and Charing Cross Station to watch this pavement artist copying on to a canvas stretched across the paving stones below.

Female voice of passer-by on the pavement on the other side of our hedge:  "Michael was almost irritated by me..."
Male voice responds without commitment or emphasis: "Was he?"

On the threshold of a toy shop in an arcade, some battery-driven soft toys roll about on the floor. "They're lovely, aren't they," says an elderly woman to her elderly husband. They advance on the toys, he with his walking stick; she gazing like a child.  The toys croak and bark as appropriate to their species. "Oink, oink", says frog. "Oink, oink..." over and over and over again.


CC said...

Pigs "oink"

Frogs "gribbet" or "croak"

At least in America. :~)

Unknown said...

True, CC, in folklore, but through a process of industrial evolution, on this occasion, it seemed that the padded creature rolling on the floor which closely resembled a frog went "oink". Or may be it was a frog that had evolved into a pig.