Sunday, July 24, 2011

telephone, voice, mats

Posted by Picasa Telephone time.

There is a little woman who works in the shop where we are buying some pillow cases.  She is dainty as a fairy. We met her at Christmas  and now, again, she comes to our help with an answer to a query. Kindness is her trade mark and her voice  sounds like a flute. She enjoys her job.She enjoys being kind to be people; and asks for no reward other than the satisfaction of being truly helpful.

A recent cold has increased the number of tissues consumed. I have now found another use for the long, fish-shaped lid though  which, once the box is opened, you  pull out the tissues one by one. I still draw an eyes, a mouth and some scales, but use the resulting fish as a mat for tea cups as well as for book marks. I haven't yet got round to it, but these lids suitably suspended would also make good mobiles.


marja-leena said...

I like the signs "ASK" in connection with the person on the phone.

Art from recycled paper! Do make that mobile. And pictures, please.

Lucas said...

The wrapt posture of the phone user and the repeated word "Ask" do indeed amount to a seminal image for the 21st cent. Ironic and Iconic!

Unknown said...

Ask for want of an additional explanation is, in this instance, the name of a restaurant.