Sunday, July 10, 2011

fence, tortoise, surprise

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I meet a tortoise trying to climb a set of three steps to reach a garden path. When it sees me it pulls it head into its carapace. And then when there is no assault puts it out again. "Have you lost a tortoise? " I say to a woman who is passing. "Can't say I have," she says  stopping to have a look. "That brings back memories," she says. "We had a tortoise. For some reason it was called Bacon...." Well, I'll have to leave you I'm afraid," she says, and walks on. Mrs Plutarch, driven by a fit of common sense,  picks up the creature and  puts it on the grass beside the path at the top of the steps.

A bird flies across the sky above the hedge. I expect a pigeon, but it is a seagull. I prefer seagulls. Yes, I much prefer seagulls.


CC said...

Glad to know Mrs. P. was so thoughtful
and helped the Tortoise. Must be a real drag to be a Tortoise and know you can't run, climb a tree or even manage 3 steps easily. Always pulling in one's head and
asking questions later.
The one encouragement, that legendary ancestor who kept at it and won the race.

marja-leena said...

Interesting shot! The image looks to me like a Japanese fan that's lost its bottom binding, yet still lovely with its hints of bamboo and clouds amidst the folds.

Lovely story of Mrs P and the turtle.

Anonymous said...

There is a notice in Wadhurst PO Lost Tortoise. And I lost a tortoise several years ago addicted to shoes. If you could take photograph, very grateful!!

tristan said...

let's all raise our glasses to mrs plutarch, then !

Unknown said...

Thanks all. More of the tortoise today.