Thursday, July 28, 2011

mud, safety,hair

Posted by Picasa Discoveries in the mud beside The Thames.

At the dentist the hygienist offers me a pair of goggles. "Against the light," she says. "Health and safety,you know!"

Behind me in the train, a 13-year old girl argues skillfully but without results with her mother about her newly dyed hair. "It's dark, dark purple," she says. "Would you rather it was light purple?" "You've very pretty hair as it is," says her Mother. "I'm not going anywhere with you like that."


Roderick Robinson said...

It's the vainness of the mother's threat that amuses me. It occurs to me that family life is full of warnings of dire punishments which (thank God) are never carried out. Part of the background noise.

Unknown said...

It was hard to follow the full argument from where I sat, but I was impressed by the girl's persistence, patience and ingenuity.