Friday, July 08, 2005

Early Morning, Bowler in Blitz, Spam

Early morning sounds which come at the same time - truck passing (4.30 am) the milkman opposite (about 5 o'clock), plane on way in to Gatwick, (6 0'clock), click of switched off alarm clock (6.45).

Remembering, in the light of yesterday's events, a story which my late wife told me about her grandfather during the blitz in London. His wife in the hall of their house during an air raid asked him why he was holding his bowler hat. "It makes me feel safer", he said.

Finding a means of getting rid of spam within Outlook Express . You click Messages, then Block Message. Goodbye spam and future messages from the senders, I hope. Thank you, Michael.

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Lucas said...

Presumably you will have selected the message you don't want to encourage the sender of, but not opened it first? Sounds good.