Monday, July 04, 2005

Yak Skiing, Melons, Watering

Reading in the Independent newspaper about the latest "extreme sport" - yak skiing.It is practiced, the paper says, in the Indian village of Manali. You drive your yak, which is attached to a rope up hill and wrap the rope round a tree, to make a sort of pulley arrangement Your skier, meanwhile, waits at the bottom of the hill holding on to or attached to the rope. He is given a bucket of nuts of a variety to which yaks are adicted. When the skier wants to start he rattles the bucket. The hungry yak then charges down hill hoping for lunch and pulls the skier, at break neck speed, up hill.

The smell of melons, reminding you of the smell of other melons.

Watering tomatoes in a warm green house.

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Lucas said...

I really like the idea of Yak Skiing - it must be the only uphill ski contest in the world and equally as crazy as those motorbikes going up impossibly steep muddy slopes.