Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Whirling Ribbons, Elephant Child, Reconnecting

A girl in the Grove whirling long ribbons on the end of batons which form spirals round her.

While I am trimming the last section of the hedge, a passing old lady says: I hope it doesn't rain on that electric machine. Within in seconds the trimmer packs up. I check the plugs and find the positive wire has come loose in one. Satisfaction when the trimmer springs to life again before the rain.

Catch a part of the tv programme about an elephant orphanage. It shows a baby elephant, orphan being tucked up for the night by a keeper. He covers the baby with a blanket to make up for it not having the warmth of its mother and siblings. He sleeps in the same stable so that he can feed it with bowls of milk every four hours. I think: We like watching animals because we are ourselves closer to animals than to angels.

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