Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Imaginary sun, crocodile, new book

Watching people pass outside the Pizza Express at the bottom of the High Street. An acquaintance on his way past asks: "Are you pretending the sun's out?" The sun was out, but above the cloud cover.

A crocodile of Japanese school children (perhaps 30 of them) is perfectly formed. Students walk at an even pace, two by two. There is a teacher in front and one behind. When the teacher in front stops at the curb, the whole lines stops, every pair at the same time.

A new book from The Folio Society - The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. How beautiful it looks, feels and smells! I used to think such luxuries uneccessary, and was content with paper backs. But such a volume, with its Art Nouveau cover and illustrations, adds to the pleasure of reading.

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