Monday, December 19, 2005

Sunrise, track in the sky, beret basque

No longer a particualrly early riser, I do not see the sun rise for most of the year. But at this time of year, I have made us a cup of tea and returned to bed in time to see the sky turn bright yellow and gold behind the tulip tree in the garden opposite, and then to be dazzled as the sun climbs up behind it and traverses the window frame.

The air must be very still this bright afternoon, and clear: for above Sutherland Road, as we turn into it towards the entrance to the Grove, we see, in the blue sky, the twin trails of an aircraft, which is, itself, barely visible. The trails, clearly defined, endure long enough to suggest a white cart track accross the sky.

A black beret basque arrives through the post, hand made to specifications, which I gave a website more than two months ago. Inside, it has a black leather band stitched in red.


tristan said...

... hopefully embroidered with the words "No pasaran ..."

Unknown said...

Alas, no. But it would have been nice.