Wednesday, June 04, 2008

back again, leopard, poppy again

It is a beautiful thing to be back again in this pretty seaside town near Barcelona. We are staying in the same hotel, where we are greeted as old friends. There is even a bottle of cava to welcome us in our room. We are usually here in September and it is interesting to note what is different in our surroundings. Most important to me are the swifts no longer here in the Autumn. They seem to swarm like flies round the old town, when seen from our balcony. In broad sunlight you see the birds moving against their shadows on the white walls behind them. But as the sun goes down they fly low over the beach in front of the hotel and the restaurants on either side of the hotel. They are drawn by the insects which are attracted by the lights. In close up you can see their swept back, pointed wings and above all you can hear their sharp cries and appreciate the astonishing angles of their flight.

In a shop window is a crash helmet covered in a leopard skin print.

In pursuance of a recent theme, the Spanish word for poppy, I am reminded, is amapola, and I learn, having asked at the reception desk, where I use this laptop, that the Catalan word is rosella.

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