Saturday, June 21, 2008

escape, sun, the past

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Another plant that likes to grow on walls and in corners, out of cracks and crevices. There's lots of it in these parts. Nobody takes much notice of it. It is described as a garden escape. Its common name is Yellow FumitoryIt is also known as Yellow Corydallis.

I say to the chicken farmer at the Pantiles Farmer's Market: "It looks as though the sun's coming out". "Shh," he says, "The bugger 'll go away again."

As I walk down the street called Hatfieldsoff Stamford Street on the South side of the Thames near Blackfriars Bridge, I count the third window from the left on the second floor and look up at the office I used to occupy 25 years ago. I try to remember what was on the window sill next to my desk, and I think of the years that have intervened.

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