Tuesday, June 17, 2008

end, hand, seagull patrol

Unable to resist a creative flourish, the smith who made this to secure an iron gatepost, could not refrain from turning the end of it into a snake's head. No more can I resist photographing it.

Caught in a tangle of seaweed, where the waves are breaking, I see what I take to be the claw of a small crab. Close inspection reveals thet it is the tiny arm of a minute, plastic doll. It is a surreal image, which reminds me that Salvador Dali lived a little way down the coast on the other side of Barcelona from us.

On this windy day, I repeatedly see a patrol of six or seven seagulls. They keep formation, their wings barely moving, as they look down on the shore and the sea front.
This the last of the holiday images from my notebook. Tomorrow, it's back to real time.
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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this vacation sequence. Thanks.