Monday, June 16, 2008

Strelitzia, conference, rivers

This, I think, is Strelitzia nicolai; or it could be Strelitzia Caudata, also known in South Africa as "wild banana". It grows by the hotel pool alongside other exotica. The more common Strelitzia regina, bird of paradise flower, with its strident orange and blue flowers, also grows by the pool in pots.

Beside the tranquil pool, is a conference room with a long table, tall, sliding, glass doors and space for a maximum of about 20 people. While swimming, we are aware of a dozen or so men in shirt sleeves, sitting at the table, an open lap top in front of each of them. One man looks longingly at the water through a partialy open door. Not a smile, not a laugh is heard, only the steady thrumb of a single, authoritative voice.

On one rainy night, the water streams down the steep, narrow streets, flows through broad ducts under the road beside San Sebatian Playa and forms miniature rivers and estuaries on the sand.

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