Wednesday, June 04, 2008

net, dance,dove

Through the clear water, the sun makes a pattern like a golden net, on the sand beneath my feet.

On the beach a little girl in a pink dress dances in and out of the last corner of the sunsnine on the beach as the long day draws to an end.

We hear the cooing of ring doves as we do at home. Suddeny this morning,, Hedi says:"Look." there is a grey dove on the parapit of our balcony. Its soft grey feathers are slightly ruffled. It lloks small and young. It edges along the top of the parapit. I reach for my camera and take a photograph through the glass of the French window. And another, a little closer this time. Finally I ease myself on to the balcony and it allows me another photograph without the glass between. Only then does it fly off to the parapit of the next balcony.

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Lucy said...

That image of the little girl dancing is very haunting, like something form a film...