Thursday, June 12, 2008

San Sebastian, relief, Medusa

This tidy, block-free bay is called Playa San Sebastian. Our hotel, sideways on to the sea, with just two sets of balconies facing it directly, is just in the middle of it on the extreme right of the picture. Our third floor room is just a few meters from the sea, which whispers or crashes in our ears all night. Now that we are home the relative silence is odd and only a little welcome.

It is a pleasure and relief to be able to post on this blog again. It's been going for three years and I have been able to post every day, even when on holiday, from the lap top for guests' use on the hotel reception desk. Half way through our stay, Google changed the access arrangements, and as I could not reach my emails, I could not find the new password and address I was supposed to use. It was a bit like coming home to find that someone had changed the lock on your front door. At last, now, there is relief, for my poor cow of a notebook, its udders heavy with un-drawn milk. A steady stream ensues, if you can stand the metaphor, prompting holiday memories in the next few days.

A lithe and leathery middle-aged woman on a sun bed exposes almost every inch of her body to the sun except for her eyes, which are covered by yellow cup-like protectors. She has reptile eyes, gorgon eyes.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous holiday spot!

These made me chuckle: "poor cow of a notebook, its udders heavy with un-drawn milk" and "steady stream" and "lithe and leathery".

And congratulations on your third blogiversary and wishes for many more!

Unknown said...

Thank you Marja-leena. It is rather special which accounts for our unadventurous return there year after year. I can scarcely believe that it is three years since I started blogging.