Thursday, April 02, 2009

surprise, another one, haze

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I post this and lo and behold Marga-Leena visits before I have got any further. (Welcome M-L!) It's the first time that a comment has appeared before I have finished posting. A Pet? It could be. Or a hairy slug. In fact it's a pussy willow catkin. It has fallen on to the top of one of those boxes in the street, which contain telephone connections, where I photograph it without arranging it in any way.

Even in a small and unimportant garden like ours, surprising things happen. This morning, I spot a violet, which has sprung up by the roots of an acer in the large pot, where it has lived for the last four years.

A green halo surrounds a silver birch in the Grove. It is composed of tiny, green buds like dots made with a crayon.


marja-leena said...

A new pet? A great find!

The Crow said...


(Was just going to wave hello, by leaving a virtual stone, until I saw the verifcation word - it is 'nowdom.' How wonderfully odd and serendipitous; apropos your blog.)