Thursday, April 09, 2009

sun, flying, opening up

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Time for dandelions to look the sun in the face.

Silver spotted skipper, Dingy skipper,
Scotch Argos, Ringlet, Gatekeeper. Brimstone, Purple hairstreak, Orange tip, Duke of Burgundy, Grayling. These are a selection of the 58 commonly occurring British butterfly species. All are shown on a wall chart, issued today by the Independent newspaper. Commonly occurring ? Let's hope so. Round here, we see very few butterflies nowadays and, because of their scarcity, it is sometimes difficult to recognise them when you do, or put names to them. For want of the real thing, I shall enjoy studying the chart, and hope to see coloured wings staggering over the flower beds.

When the sun comes out, groups of young, and some older people, spread themselves on the grass in the Grove. Scattered under the trees, among the daffodils, they themselves resemble a variety of flower, opening their petals to the warmth.

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The Crow said...

I look forward to dandelion tea each spring. Will have to wait a little longer before ours are in bloom.

Lovely photo, Joe.