Wednesday, April 22, 2009

euphorbia, postures, Bhudda

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The greeny - yellow flowers and bracts of Euphorbia often seem surprising in their restraint.

In the Grove, it is like a summer afternoon. A woman lies on her back on the grass, a book held up against the sky. Further, on a man, his knees drawn up and apart,   his hands supporting either side of his head,  is absorbed in a book  open on the ground between his bare feet.

A woman wears an orange tee shirt with the message Buddha rocks.


Lucas said...

A nice take on how human actions depict the time of year!

Rashmi said...

:-) Pardon me, but try as I may, I am unable to figure out how the position of the man with the book!

Unknown said...

Rashmi, perhaps I should have said that the man is sitting on the ground with his knees apart, so that he can look down to read his book, which is open on the ground between his feet. Thank you for caring.