Friday, April 24, 2009

junctions, trails, two geese

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Before the leaves.

Something to do with atmospheric pressure today, the sky is criss-crossed with vapour trails; they have thickened a little, but remain interwoven like the script of an impossible language.

From the train,I see two Canada geese in a large playing field. They occupy the cricket pitch in the centre as if it belongs to them; they are inspecting it, as a source of worms.


Roderick Robinson said...

Surely, seeing if it'll take spin.

The Crow said...

Your photo of the nascent-budded tree is haunting, Joe. The contrast of dark limbs against the light sky is brooding, yet filled with potential energy, like a compressed spring at the split second before release.

The tangle of branches and twigs, all helter-skelter chaos...determined chaos, at odds with itself, yet perfectly in tune with nature's forces, natural design.

A very complex (emotion-wise) image. I like it very much, am glad you presented it here.

Unknown said...

Soon it will be the hidden structure of a green cloud.