Monday, October 12, 2009

cat, cable, melancholy

Posted by PicasaPussyfooting.
A reel of yellow cable squeaks as a workman energetically unwinds it and pushes it through a small manhole into which it mysteriously disappears. A small child gazes in wonderment at the disappearing cable, as I do, until I realize where it is going. At an open manhole cover further along, another workman is hauling and guiding the cable through a duct beneath the pavement, where so much is going on that is hidden from us.
In the vegetable garden a low, misty sun casts a melancholy light on the fading leaves of beans and large, sear leaves of the exhausted courgette plants. There are cobwebs among the last nasturtiums and expiring roses. A few beans with swollen pods remain for me to pick. A pleasing smell of decay emerges from the compost heap, where decay is more welcome than elsewhere.


CC said...

Nice pussyfooting picture. OK, I'm a sucker for cat pictures as well as the real thing.

Thanks also for sharing the fading garden
and compost heap.

The Crow said...

"...cobwebs among the last nasturtiums and expiring roses."

The very essence of melancholy, wonderful written.


Roderick Robinson said...

Only connect! You could have asked where the cable was going and why for. Or would that have spoiled the cosiness of ignorance?

Unknown said...

In this instance, BB, I think that ignorance is more exciting as well as possibly cosy. Its purpose would almost certainly have been mundane,whereas plutonic options seem infinite.