Tuesday, October 20, 2009

workshop, vine, visitor

Posted by PicasaOutside the car repair workshop.
In the vegetable garden a bracing wind blows round the green tomatoes which have yet to ripen. I recall that I have long suspected that the tomatoes in supermarkets, which are offered as "ripened on the vine", have probably not, as one might suppose ripened while still on the growing plant. Rather, they will have ripened on the stems ,which will have been cut from the plant while the fruit are still green. It seems sensible for me to follow the example of commerce, and I cut a basket full of green tomatoes so that, out of the wind and threatening frosts, they can "ripen on the vine" indoors. Alternatively, in honour of the movie, it may be a case of "fried green tomatoes."
This morning what looks like a newly fledged pigeon arrives on door doorstep. As we gawp at it, it flies on to the front gate where it adjusts it self to the wide world. I take some photographs before it flies across the road where on a wall it joins two other pigeons - its parents or siblings? It's hard to tell but judging by the way they nuzzle one another, it seems to be a welcome reunion.

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