Wednesday, October 28, 2009

leaf, economy, rose

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map of fallen
trying to find a way that's all.
As I dismantle the bean poles and strip the bamboo of the remaining vines I enjoy the motions of economy. I save the last of the beans for de-podding and some late planted beans for cooking in the pods. In the next door bed there are still a few sunflowers sprouting miniature but perfect blooms. Nasturtiums too are still climbing the fence. The Autumn sun illuminates the petals so that they look transparent with the light glowing through them. I cut the sunflowers and nasturtiums for arranging in a vase. Beneath the sunflowers is a row of salad leaves, sown in the summer for cutting and not yet completely gone to seed. I select a few small cos lettuce leaves and some radicchio for colour and make a posy for a salad.
A mild but sunless day inspires two tedious jobs. The first is to move a rose bush which is being smothered by the rosemary on one side and the hibiscus on the other. The second is to rake the leaves from the lime tree off the lawn. By the time I am finishing I think that I am enjoying the chore. When I have put away the tools and looked back at the uncluttered crass, I enjoy having completed it.


herhimnbryn said...

Perfect day. Flowers, salad leaves and a job of work completed.

Lucy said...

A very satisfying post, but they all are, you seem to be in a rich vein at the moment...

I like the thing about thinking you're now enjoying the chore. There are times like that, aren't there? Now amount of self-persuasion will make you look forward to doing it, but at a certain point, if it doesn't go on too long, the satisfaction of doing it and then of getting it done combine.