Thursday, October 15, 2009

zen, spotlit, cups

Posted by PicasaNot the only pebble on the beach.
Through the window of the sitting room the sun streams in upon a vase of red roses with dramatic effect. The petals are infused with light and the shadows within the flowers are at the same time sharpened l to recall an underlying presence of darkness.
In a restaurant, one of a group of women is talking about last night's party. "We were in our cups," she says. "We were quite over-refreshed. My daughter says 'plastered', but I prefer 'over-refreshed.'"


The Crow said...

Cool picture of the pebble. I like how it is surrounded by the remains of those who went before it. In another hundred thousand years, perhaps it will join its ancestors of/in the sand.


CC said...

Nice photo.

marja-leena said...

Lovely photo, sends me back to Tofino!

I love the story of the women in their cups.

The Crow said...

Gosh, I'm slow. Just got the pun re: Pebble Beach.