Thursday, October 01, 2009

seaside snap, pushers, self-sown

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At home. A common sight nowadays. Older women and older men pushing prams. You try to adjust. Then you realize that it is grandmas and and grandpas who are proudly (or sometimes, grim faced) pushing infants. But you have to adjust because, though they are older than mothers and fathers usually are, they are younger than my own generation.
In the vegetable garden, a self sown broad bean, anticipating spring, among the self sown nasturtiums, which every autumn take over one of the vegetable beds, an invasion which I do nothing to repel.


CC said...

Evocative snap. Very nice.

Roderick Robinson said...

The grim-faced ones are grim because they're baby-sitting for free while the next generation down is out scratching enough together to pay for the mortgage. A sign of our disjointed financial times.

Seems as though the broad bean has been affected too.