Saturday, January 09, 2010

competition, gothic, drawing

Posted by PicasaCompeting lights.
A car with icicles suspended from various parts of its chassis, is inescapably a Gothic car.
At last. Back on November 11 Lucy Kempton asked me, at the end of her last poem in compasses, where our exchange of questions and answers continues at a modest but deliberate pace: "What on earth shall I draw today?" It has has taken some thought, some drafting and redrafting but there is now an answer from me. Meanwhile, I have printed and reread the whole sequence and find myself marvelling at the strange and unexpected set of poems, which is evolving each spurred on by the other. And now surprise and pleasure: Lucy has emailed me to say that she too had reread all the poems, and, like me, is pleased with our progress. Sometimes one wonders when setting out on something new and different whether it makes sense; and when, on reflection and after some time, it seems to be working, well ... cheers Lucy!


The Crow said...

Most enjoyable post - from grand art-photo, to the image now planted in my brain of a Goth car (such delight!), to the pointer to your poem at your and Lucy's fascinating site.

Thank you!

WV to this comment is outligh, perfect for the photo.

Lucy said...

It was like post-Christmas stocking! Very pleased and happy...

marja-leena said...

Such a wonderful collaboration, Joe and Lucy! I'm pleased to see it continuing, and this poem is especially close to my art-heart! It also made me think of the wonderful poem you wrote in response to a Klee quote and I shared on a post about a Kentridge video. Do you remember, Joe?