Thursday, January 14, 2010

frozen, free, mist

Posted by PicasaMystery in the ice. A frozen drop of melting snow clings to a branch.
At last The High Street is clear of frozen slush. There is a sense of lightness and freedom in being able to walk without fear of slipping.
In The Grove, the trees rise out of the mist. Everything seems to be dripping and crackling. In the mist-shrouded tree tops you can hear but not see the starlings chattering and whistling.


The Crow said...

Great photo!

Unfortunately, I recognize that shape.


Roderick Robinson said...

A bit of symbolism which cries out for Picasa photomontage. The frozen droplet describes the same contours (inverted) as a glass-domed snow-scene toy. If Picasa doesn't appeal, perhaps a haiku.

marja-leena said...

Incredible image!

So, the end of winter in the UK. Life is simpler without snow.

herhimnbryn said...

Wonderful image. Did you use a macro lense/setting for it?

The Crow said...

Today, all my trees are sporting thousands of drops similar, familiar, to the one you captured the other day, only our drops aren't frozen. They eventually ripen into droplets too heavy for their shape and fall like little bullets to the ground. Most satisfying to watch on this rainy, grey and almost-dreary Sunday afternoon.

Unknown said...

I did use the macro facility on the camera, which is almost in constaant use.

I love watching and listening to drops falling form the branches of trees.