Thursday, September 15, 2011

accepted swallows clinging

Three rejections in a row  in the last year or so from Qarrtsiluni, the internet arts magazine, confirmed my respect for its standards. All the more intense, then, my satisfaction when I receive today an email accepting my latest contribution on the current broad theme of worship.

Standing up to my waist in the calm sea in perfect weather I remember on a previous occasion on the same beach, at the same time of year, watching swallows swoop low over the water around me. Where are they today? I ask myself. And suddenly, as if in response to my thoughts, swallows arrive out of the blue.

In Tunbridge Wells in recent weeks we have invariably crossed the road to find the sun and a little warmth.  Here we cross the road and cling to the shade to keep cool, on the shady side of the street.

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CC said...

Congratulations on your acceptance, but can't imagine why they would ever reject something you wrote. I think you're a wonderful writer.... and I've got terrific taste.

Love the swallows arriving on cue.

We are finally supposed to have some cooler temperatures tomorrow. Most welcome after a blisteringly hot humid summer.