Thursday, September 29, 2011

balcony designer pepper

Posted by PicasaBalcony in Sitges with shadow and wiring.

Magazines nowadays are packed with articles and advertisements about designer goods, items to which someone relatively famous has attached his or her name. Plutarch, not to be left out, proudly announces the first items from designer range: The Plutarch Safety Pin - it is made of simulated rust which will invariably attract attention if that is what you want; Plutarch chewing gum - the wad in rainbow colours will transform the street where you live in the event of your dropping  wads on to the pavement; The Plutarch hair brush for completely bald men - the bristles are soft enough not to scratch but hard enough to stimulate the flow of blood to the brain.  Watch this space for the Plutarch megaphone, which transforms the voice into a high pitched and enduring scream.

In the greenhouse, a green pepper, dark green almost black, beginning to turn red, a fruit which I have not grown before and which will shortly be incorporated in a ratatouille.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Plutarch, I would like to order 4 boxes of your safety pins. As a woman of a certain age I, unfortunately, no longer attract attention when I am out and about. I hope by fastening large numbers of your pins to the outside of my clothes I will once again be the talk of the town.

Yours sincerely, Faded But Not Gone

CC said...

Don't know who is funnier, you Plutarch
or the woman of a certain age, Anonymous.

You both made me laugh and for that I am grateful! :~)

Roderick Robinson said...

Should WOACA's project not bear fruit she might care to take a step further back in time and imitate the Punks - piercing her very flesh with safety pins, thus encouraging audience speculation about what happens when she takes a bath and whether or not such impedimenta preclude work on electrical systems. These adornments I can at least understand, but there's one I can't. And that's the stud immediately above the outer end of the eyebrow which apparently screws directly into the skull. One way of becoming a conversation piece, I suppose.

Unknown said...

To reassure Anon and BB the rust is artificial and there is no harm of infection if used (as I hope not) for piercing.

Glad you had a laugh CC. I might have been worried if taken seriously.