Tuesday, September 27, 2011

evening fuse lifting

Posted by Picasa Sea shore Sitges in evening sun.

Behind me in the street an angry voice charges the air with spurious energy. A man is marching forward while talking loudly into his mobile. "I've sent email after email," he says, "can you please respond. Because I haven't had any response." "Calm down, sir, calm down," I want to say. But I enjoy the edge of  the drama as he strides round the corner, still in full voice.

What could be more rewarding than lifting Picasso potatoes (now my preferred variety of main crop even over King Edwards), on an Autumn morning with the mist just  beginning to dissolve in the sun.


CC said...

Exquisite photo!!

Must find out about Picasso potatoes.

marja-leena said...

Gorgeous photo indeed. I've not heard of Picasso potatoes - are they from his blue period or...? (Sorry, coud not help myself.)

Roderick Robinson said...

We had baked potatoes yesterday and the baked skin was thinner, crackly, less chewy, lighter in colour than normal - much more agreeable in fact. Are you - Plutarch the gardener - able to choose potatoes contained in this type of skin?

Unknown said...

Thanks all. The Marshalls Catalogue for 2012 says of Picasso: "...The large, slightly russeted tubers have a rosy pink eye. Huge crops of uniform "bakers" ..." Pink does it M-l, Pink period of course. In my experience the skin is thin. BB When the potatoes are freshly lifted, it rubs off almost as easily as the skin of Jersey Royals.