Sunday, September 04, 2011

leaf, Frisbee, enough

Posted by Picasa Leaf against wall.

Remembering my description of a Frisbee with a hole in the middle, a flying ring, my Brother who is visiting us, brings me one as a present. It is yellow. It is a plastic, yellow halo. It has a hole; it is holy. I wear it and find that it fits me well. I have yet to find someone to whom I can throw it who is ready, willing and able to catch it.

"Warm enough for you?" says a neighbour. It is as an interesting allocution. Thinking about it I recall that the last time the sun shone like this, she addressed me with the same words.


Lucy said...

Do you think you could throw it this far? I'd be willing to catch...

(Otherwise keep it for a halo, I'd be the last to say it didn't fit.)

Lucas said...

Amazing Leaf photo - I see two birds in flight that touch beaks in passing.

Roderick Robinson said...

Warm enough for you? There's a hint of blame about this one and although the sentiment could have emerged from the West Riding (Where people are prone to be, in my mother's words, "narrow gutted") on this occasion they are blameless. Mrs BB tells me I am wrong to to try and deconstruct these weather sayings since they are simply the equivalent of dogs sniffing each other's posteriors but I feel I must take a more rigorous approach: those who utter words should be held responsible for them in the fullest sense. And thus I too reveal my "blaming" WR roots.

Yet another supreme test of your sartorial confidence: arriving at The Retreat wearing a Frisbee as a halo. Not that I'm suggesting it. The last time I raised this subject I seem to recall you countered with an even sterner test for me. Well aware of my self-proclaimed Achilles Heel - public (and private) embarrassment.