Friday, November 04, 2011

balanced starlings found

Posted by PicasaPigeon posing in the Pantiles.

There are more starlings around this year I am glad to say. This morning there is a tree in The Grove laden with them. As I look up at them and listen  to their fluting chatter, a man stops and says: "Where are they going? They do have a chirrup don't they?"

On my way to the fishmonger I buy some milk at the convenience store with what I think is a "£20 00 note. At the fishmonger I find that I have only the change from a "£10.00 in my wallet. Did I get the wrong change from the milk purchase? Or was I mistaken about  the note. I call in at the store on my way home,. "No," says the young man, "you gave me a £10.00 note". I believe him because I am quite likely to have been wrong, my mind  being on other things. But it turns out that I was right all along.  When I get home, the young man at the store takes the trouble to ring me up and tell me that I must have dropped the £10.00 from my change on the floor. Apparently a customer had picked up.

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